Christian Community Services Center (CCSC) is a community-based non-profit and coalition of churches serving the city of Houston. Gethsemane is the southwest Houston site for CCSC. We proudly offer our fellowship hall as a food pantry, which is open five days a week to serve the neighborhood with groceries and emergency financial assistance. CCSC also coordinates the community garden at Gethsemane, which provides the food pantry with fresh produce.

The Harris County Department of Education (HCDE), is an organization working to improve literacy rates by connecting literary providers and resources to adult learners. At Gethsemane, HCDE coordinates GED and ESL classes for adults, many of whom are recent immigrants to the United States. Classes are Monday-Wednesday in the mornings.

The Mercy Closet provides clothing for people in the community of all ages. The boutique-style closet is filled with gently worn clothing and shoes provided by loving church and community members. The Mercy Closet is open Monday-Thursday, 9am to 4pm.

For more information on getting set up with assistance, please call the main Gethsemane office at 713-357-4462.

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