His Name Shall Be Called…

prophet – priest – king – child

profeta – sacerdote – rey – niño

nabii- kuhani-mfalmer-mtoto

What is the big deal about this Jesus being born?  Who is this Jesus kid?   He is just a baby, right?

Well, maybe not “just” a baby.  The prophet Isaiah says he will be called “wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, the prince of peace.”  In this Advent season, we remember what it means to celebrate Jesus as the Messiah, in the roles that he serves in all of creation.  We will consider Jesus as prophet, priest, and king… and then, finally, as “child.”  Come join us each week to understand why this child, born in a stable in a backwoods province of a tiny insignificant country, is life-changing for each one of us.

Cuál es el problema con el nacimiento de este Jesús? ¿Quién es este niño Jesús? Es solo un bebé, ¿verdad?

Bueno, quizás no “solo” un bebé. El profeta Isaías dice que lo llamarán “consejero admirable, Dios fuerte, padre eterno, príncipe de paz”. En esta temporada de Adviento, recordamos lo que significa celebrar a Jesús como el Mesías, en los roles que desempeña en toda la creación. Consideraremos a Jesús como profeta, sacerdote y rey … y luego, finalmente, como “niño”. Únase a nosotros cada semana para comprender por qué este niño, nacido en un establo en una provincia apartada de un país diminuto e insignificante, nos cambia la vida a cada uno de nosotros.

Ni jambo gani kubwa juu ya Yesu kuzaliwa? Huyu Yesu ni nani? Yeye ni mtoto tu,sawa?

Vizuri inaweza kuwa sivyo”tu”mtoto. Nabii isaya amesema ataitwa” mshauri wa ajabu, Mungu mwenye nguvu baba wa milele mfalme wa amani” katika msimu huu wa utangulizi,tunakumbuka nini inamaanisha kusherekea Yesu kama Mesiya,katika jukumu la kutumikia uumbaji wote. Tutazingatia yesu kama nabii,kuhani na mfalme… na mwishowe,kama “mtoto”. Kuja ungana nasi kila wiki ili kuelewa kwa nini huyu mtoto, katika mkoa thabiti wa miti ya nyuma ya Nchi isiyo na maana ni mabadiliko ya maisha kwa kila mmoja wetu.



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Outdoor Christmas Eve Service at 5pm in the main parking lot. You can stay in your car and tune in on your radio. You may also sit outside in comfy chairs, socially distanced.

Worship online at 7pm for Christmas Eve Worship from the comfort of your own home at geth.online.church, Facebook or YouTube!

Although we may worship in different ways on Christmas Eve, we all worship one Newborn King!

Christmas Eve Service



Rediscovering the Significance of Christmas

Best-selling author Adam Hamilton examines the names of Christ used by the gospel writers, exploring the historical and personal significance of his birth. This virtual study, Wednesdays at 7pm, will be led by Amy Kelley. Register online for Zoom link!



Daily Habit – Advent Edition

Many of us are already singing “We need a little Christmas. Right this very minute. Candles in the window. Carols at the spinet.” Join the St. Luke’s Daily Habit in preparing our hearts as we study the Hope, Joy, Love and Peace that Christ brings to the world.




Come for an afternoon of fun and friends on Sunday, December 6 at 12:30pm. We’ll share a simple (and safe) meal together outside. Kids can watch a movie and play outside. And come meet Keenen Brinson, our new youth director! We will practice social distancing and wear masks. Register here!

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Mark your calendars for our annual Children and Youth Las Posadas. This year we will be hosting a safe socially distanced celebration in the courtyard on December 20th starting at 12pm. For more information or to sign up contact Keenen Brinson at Kbrinson@stlukesmethodist.org or Juana Tavico at jchavez@stlukesmethodist.org